3D Landscape Door Sticker Self adhesive


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Material: PVC

Style: Modern Style

Material: Eco-friendly Vinyl

3D Door Sticker: Sticker was cut into two parts(left and right) by default.

Size: 4 sizes available (View in details page)

Feature: Waterproof, Self adhesive, Removable

Can it be customized?: Yes,please contact us

Style 1: Glass door, window

Style 2: Natural scenery

Style 3: European style door

Style 4: Wooden grain vintage wallpaper

Wall Decor: Home Decoration

Sticker For Corridor Door: Wallpaper on the door

Wallpaper for door: Wallpaper home decor



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Function and purpose:

1. Application places: decoration of fridge, hotels, yards, family doors.
2. The sticker is removable: easy to install and remove, and will not leave residue or damage any surface.
3. Stickers can be easily trimmed and cut: to meet your individual requirements.
4. Stickers are suitable for many occasions: suitable for any clean, dry and smooth surface.
5. High quality: anti-mold, moth-proof, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, moisture-proof, anti-static, beautify decoration

Default Size / Custom Size

Size A: 77cm*200cm/30.31inch*78.74inch
(1set=2pcs*38.5cm*200cm, the sticker is cut into two parts (left and right))

Size B: 85cm*215cm/33.46inch*84.65inch
(1set=2pcs*42.5cm*215cm, the sticker is cut into two parts (left and right))

Size C: 90cm*200cm/35.43inch*78.74inch
(1set=2pcs*45cm*200cm, the sticker is cut into two parts (left and right))

Size D: 95cm*215cm/37.40inch*84.65inch
(1set=2pcs*47.5cm*215cm, the sticker is cut into two parts (left and right))

Size E: 40cm*120cm/15.75inch*47.24inch

Provide personal size customization service

Whole Piece Customization Service

Your concerns are all here, please read carefully! !

FAQ 1: Are the stickers attached to both sides of the door or to one side?
Reply: One set of stickers can only be installed on one side of the door, if you want to decorate both sides of the door, you need to buy 2 sets, that is, choose 2 in the quantity.

FAQ 2: Is it possible to remove the sticker without damaging the door?
Reply: Yes, it is removable. But it needs to pay attention to a certain method.
1> First heat the sticker with the warm air of a hair dryer to soften the glue;
2> Peel off the sticker slowly from one corner;
3> Heat the remaining sticker while peeling off until the sticker is completely peeled off.

FAQ 3: Are the stickers transparent? Can it cover the color of the door?
Reply: It's not transparent. Will cover any color. Very nice solution for bad peeled doors

FAQ 4: Is it self adhesive, washable wallpaper or frosted coating?
Reply: It is self-adhesive wallpaper, can be washed.

FAQ 5: This film can be glued on the door with glasses? Or is it just suitable for a solid door?
Reply: The stickers are suitable for sticking on all smooth surfaces, such as: glass doors, wooden doors, iron doors, alloy doors, walls (smooth, no dust) and so on.

FAQ 6: Would a specific measurement 215mm x 77mm or 180mm x 52mm proceed as? Or are they just sell the measure that appears?
Reply: We provide size and picture customization service, if you need a specific size or picture, please contact our customer service staff. Of course, this will incur additional service charges.

FAQ 7: Can everything be in one piece regardless of size? Or does it have to be divided into two?
Reply: The sticker is cut vertically into two parts by default. If you need a whole piece of sticker (don't want to cut it), please contact our customer service staff, we can provide a whole piece of service. Of course, there is an additional fee for this. But the width of the whole sticker cannot exceed 120cm, otherwise it cannot be transported.

FAQ 8: Film with an adhesive layer or static??
Reply: Film with an adhesive layer.

Rendering display

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Sticker Size

77x200cm(cut 2pcs), 95x215cm(cut 2pcs), 85x215cm(cut 2pcs), 90x200cm(cut 2pcs), 40X120cm(one piece)


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