Iron Art Christmas Wreath Hook


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1. Premium Steel Material: Made from high-quality steel, the surface of this door wreath hanger is treated to be exceptionally smooth and clean, offering a sleek and perfect appearance.
2. Sturdy and Durable: This wreath hanging hook is built to last, with excellent strength and resistance to bending. It will not damage doors or door frames, ensuring long-lasting use and reliability.
3. Perfect for Holiday Decorations: The overdoor wreath holder suitable for hanging wreaths and decorations for various holidays including Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, and more. Add a festive touch to your home with ease.
4. Color Options: Available in black, white, and silver colors, allowing you to choose the one that matches your decor or preference.
5. Lightweight and Slim Design: This metal over door wreath hook is lightweight and slim, providing a seamless and unobtrusive solution for hanging decorations, ensuring they are securely displayed without being bulky or obtrusive.







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Silver, White, Black

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28cm, 38cm


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